Do you want to learn technology and art in the most amazing way? Join us now at TUMO!


Tumo is an after school program for kids between the age of 12 and 18. The Center offers a new type of learning experience that puts teenagers in charge of their own learning and empowers them with the competence and confidence they need to discover their full potential and thrive in their future education and careers. The Tumo program combines 10 learning areas at the intersection of technology and design, including coding, animation, robotics, music, game development, photography and filmmaking. Each Tumo teen enjoys a fully personalized learning plan, called the Tumo Path, based on an artificial intelligence platform and adapting to each student’s interests and progress.  The Tumo path combines self-learning activities facilitated by coaches, alternating with hands-on workshops by industry professionals and learning labs led by worldwide industry leaders. The result is an online growing portfolio that can be used by students to showcase their work and achievements to universities and future employers.