*.Technology sarl is an IT consultancy and development company. Established since 2001 and has a track record of successful projects, in Lebanon, Egypt, KSA, UAE, Bahrain and Oman for the private sector and in partnership with UN Agencies including UNESCO, ITU, UNITAR. *.Technology sarl is strategic partner of UAE embassy of Lebanon and Intel learning series partner. *.Technology sarl is the award winner from UN and International organizations. In recognition of her expertise, in 2015 and in partnership with Libank, technology cooperated in establishing Torch sal , the IT coding boot camp with mission of accelerating transition of Lebanon to knowledge economy.

*.Technology sarl is the owner, developer and tech partners of many state of the art solutions in various industries including Learnnet for e-learning, management administration and communication, Doctor Practice (DoctorPractice.me) polyclinic EMR and clinic management system, Beacon for HR and project management, Tijarah.co for E-commerce, E-gov. solutions, Agora for Facility management, URUZ app for fitness, VIP Rescue for tech insurance and more.

Website : www.technologysarl.com