Smartnet as it stands today evolved from earlier smaller entities & affiliations.

Encouraged by our early successes, we continued to invest and expand. We were sure that the world will be connected , that the way of doing things will drastically change and the leaps in technology will leave us all panting trying to catch up.

That individuals and businesses will seek connectivity as an empowering tool for their social and professional affairs.

That speed , security , services and customer care will be the demands from service providers. Therefore and since the very beginning , we at Smartnet realized that we need to build a professional set up , deliver excellence and set our standards high to compete in a fast growing yet fierce sector. We continued to fortify our pillars of success that we summarize as follows:

– Always invest in the latest proven technology to empower our platforms.

– Recruit talented, creative and results oriented professionals.

Deliver customer centric products and services.

– The work flourished and now Smartnet is among the leaders in the ISP

business in Lebanon. We are sought by businesses and individuals alike.

With a network that spans the country, able resellers.

A growing base of customers, we are delivering tailored solutions to our customers.

Address: Sin el Fil Highway, Habib Center,

6th Floor Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: 01 490 289 / 01 487 275 / 76 30 36 34 / 76 11 77 22