OGERO, under the auspices of the Ministry of Telecommunications, constitutes the backbone for all telecom networks in Lebanon including Mobile Operators, Data Service Providers (DSPs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and others.


OGERO operates with more than 2,500 employees on board, striving to achieve its mission of “Connecting the Nation”. OGERO’s goal is to design, implement, and maintain a state-of-the-art, secure, and future-proof telecommunication and IT infrastructure, as well as solutions that enable digital transformation in every home and office in the country.

Furthermore, OGERO is aiming to digitize everyday life in Lebanon by continuously redefining the innovation boundaries and enabling sustainable growth.


We couldn’t be prouder to share our roadmap progress over the past 2 years through the launch of a long list of projects aiming at “re-inventing our national broadband network”:

  • Maintenance: upgrading the maintenance of our existing infrastructure.
  • Modern IP telephony: swapping traditional switches with modern IP telephony (IMS).
  • LTE-A deployment: rolling out the 4.5G network.
  • Fiber-Optics deployment: kicking off the nationwide fiber Optics plan.
  • International capacity: increasing the nation’s data capacity.
  • Cloud and Data: planning out Data centers and Cloud Computing.
  • Public Wi-Fi: deploying the public Wi-Fi network.
  • Customer centricity: putting customer satisfaction first through digital self-service, call center renovation, advanced Mobile App and Website, an advanced ticketing system, online billing, round-the-clock call center, new Point of Services, and active social media channels.

Website : https://www.ogero.gov.lb