Maxiphy Group is comprised of several companies with a shared mission of building innovative solutions and technologies that increase productivity and simplify our daily lives.

Maxiphy Solutions:

Maxiphy Solutions is an International Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner operating in the UAE, KSA and Lebanon. Our suite of enterprise solutions empowers our customers to manage their processes, capture the right data, use analytics to gain valuable insights, and gain an edge over the competition.


  • Our Solutions:
    • ERP
    • CRM/xRM
    • BI
    • HR & Payroll
    • Document Management
    • SharePoint
    • Web Development
    • Mobile Development 
  • Our Partnerships:
    • Microsoft
    • Crowe
    • SkyBow
    • ShortPoint


Maxiphy eCommerce: 

​Maxiphy eCommerce offers a suite of solutions for small and medium retail businesses and is developing a social eCommerce platform that intends to change the online shopping experience by bridging the gap between in store and online shopping.

Maxiphy Robotics:

Maxiphy Robotics was founded with a singular mission; to create unique and innovative autonomous solutions with real world applications. Our vision is to build an ecosystem of dynamic robots that will provide a more sophisticated and safe work environment across multiple industries.

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