Licensed by the Ministry of Labor 1/189-2018

The Lebanese IT Syndicate is Lebanon’s National IT professional association dedicated to delivering authoritative independent knowledge and insight into technology, building relevant technology capacity and capability and to be a catalyst for innovative creation and adoption of technology for the benefit of commerce, governments and society.

Vision: to become a national Point of Reference for technology matters involving public and private institutions. Moreover, we should be seen as a Symbol of Unity and Force in the technology sector, leading the federation or unification of all information technology committees, groups and other syndicates. We are aiming to become a Leader of Innovation through our member’s cumulative experience in the field, drive the force of innovation and adoption of latest technology in the Lebanese market. Finally, our members and partners will be encouraged to continuously Reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant in this very dynamic industry.

Mission: Evolving the I.T. Sector in Lebanon

Protecting the I.T. Workforce

Providing Life Security

Regulating the I.T. Sector