HLOUL-BAS is an information systems consultancy company.

We are passionate about systems, data, processes and people.

We advocate for closed-loop approach where each action is measured against a pre-set target.

Then we raise the bar a bit and start a new action.

We provide the services of:

–          Implementing an international open-source ERP, CRM & project management system “Odoo” for accounting, operations, inventories, retail…

–          Providing financial analysis, marketing analysis and advisory service “FIBI” to help companies analyze and enhance ALL their performance indicators.

–          Designing customer service and promotional chatbots using “IBM Watson” AI and Natural Language Understanding engines
to answer all customers’ requests for information/actions and streamline call center costs.

Our team consists of leading experts in information systems, financial analysis, marketing analysis, artificial intelligence, data management and more.

We happily and professionally provide our expertise to customers’ businesses to succeed together.