Founded in 1997, Domtech is a leading system integrator and a major player in the IT field in Lebanon and the Middle East.

The philosophy of the company is that as technology continues to improve so should customer service. There is a great level of emphasis put on communication, transparency and a dedication to go above and beyond to achieve customer satisfaction.

Domtech is committed to providing customers with the best possible IT services the industry can offer, enabling them meet their individual and business needs. Our aim is not only to deliver their current business requirements on the IT level but draw long term strategies for our customers in order to deal with future challenges and get them ready to embrace the Digital Transformation and the 4th industrial revolution

Domtech is proud to be in partnership with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Dell, HP, Intel, Samsung, Apple, Logitech, Canon, Cisco, Kaspersky, Qnap, Veam, Fortinet, VMware, Lenovo, Epson, Eaton, LeGrand, PCE, Yealink, Huawei, ViewSonic, Hikvision, and many more.

Here is a broad list of services we offer:

  • Retail Services
  • Security & Low Current Solutions
  • Corporate Services
  • IT Security Consultancy & Audit Services